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Rules of Posting:

The following Rules of Posting are in place with the expressed purpose of allowing Weekend Discussion Groups to glorify God. Please remember that our number one purpose to exist is to honor the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All are welcome to apply and receive a Member ID and to openly post provided the following guidelines are adhered to:

1. Language
Vulgarity (cuss words, lewd expressions, improper innuendo’s, etc) is unacceptable. Posts will be removed and the user banned.

2. This is a forum to discuss Biblical prophecy and other concerns within a Christian framework with caring and respectful    standards of discussion in accordance to God’s Word in Philippians 2:3:
“Let nothing be done through strife or vain glory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves.”

3. This site is not to be used as a mouthpiece to deliberately promote false or non-biblical doctrines; to degrade other participants or persons (often referred to as “Flaming”); God or Jesus Christ or denying Christ’s divinity and/or deity.  Please also review our Beliefs Statement wherein we identify other non-debatable issues as well as clarify what we believe as a Board.

4. Millennium Weekend Ministries is owned and operated by an all-volunteer staff that believes in a pre-tribulation, pre-70th week (See Daniel 9:24cf) rapture of the entire church (blood-bought believers of and in Jesus) by Jesus Christ. We know this is a highly controversial subject and the debates over this have extended for many decades with no resolution. We don’t claim to have all the answers by any means.

However, due to much experience dealing with rapture timing battles on this forum we have learned that too many times the Spirit of Christ and unity in the body is quickly replaced with each side hurling insults. Thus, we can not allow teaching and/or debates against the pre-tribulation/pre-70th week rapture doctrine. The Board is united in its belief that these debates are unfruitful and not edifying to the body. 

5. In keeping with Romans 13:1,2 and 1 Tim 2:1,2 WeDG will not condone nor allow hateful or conspiracy related comments about leaders that God has placed in authority. While we are open to exposing evil wherever it is found as Christians we are commanded to pray for the leaders not demonize them. We also can not allow the endless conspiracy theory sites to be dragged to our site.  Please ensure articles that are posted are from reliable sources (as much as possible - use discretion).

6. To keep from infringing on copyright laws (and to avoid plagiarism) all articles not originated by the poster must include the original source either by posting the URL or by accepted reference methods (Source name, Author, Date, page number). If it is “source or author unknown” this must be included in the post.  Also, never post entire articles as this is also an infringement on copyright laws - all articles posted on WeDG must be excerpted unless we have written permission from the author and/or publisher to post in entirety.

7. Extra-biblical revelations, whether in the form of dreams, visions, utterances, Bible Codes, rapture dates or voices are prohibited.  This does not include just the sharing of dreams for general discussion.  Rather it is forbidden to claim such revelations are a direct Word from the Lord.

Now, with all that aside, let’s get to glorifying the Lord in all we do and say!

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